What is Epee About?

Ed Korfanty once told me that saber was easy:

“You either make the opponent finish too late, make the opponent finish too early, or make the opponent finish in a line you control. That’s it to saber!”

Is there something similar to say about epee? Perhaps epee is just about time, both physical (your point is HERE, the target is THERE, can you put the two together before the opponent can do something about it?). There is a mental component, as well, in getting the opponent to constantly mistake the space, either through deception or distraction. Epee also requires a lot of good and painstaking technical skills, but that’s mostly to be as efficient as possible in time (good technical skills create a “shortest path” to the target, which equals more windows of time to score).

Something says to me it’s not that easy. Yet so often, bouts are won with the easiest and simplest of actions.