The Warehouse

The first impression someone has when they walk into your club is important. I’m thinking of the local CrossFit gym, which is a bare bones warehouse space with a lot of heavy things to move, throw and drag. There are no televisions. There are few places to sit, or relax. The gym is a space, and very little else. Everything about the gym says that it is a place to sweat, a place to get dirty, a place where no one will care about your appearance. It is a place where grunting, yelling, and occasionally vomiting is not going to be frowned upon. The staff is friendly, but no-nonsense. This isn’t a place to hang out after your workout.

I compare this CrossFit gym to the athletic club in my building. It is carpeted, with televisions and gleaming electronic machines. Everything is very clean. The bathrooms offer a variety of hair and shower products. Offers for massages and other spa amenities are displayed. There are plenty of couches and lounge areas for members to sit. The trainers wear polo shirts and are clean cut, and very friendly.

What is it that this gym is telling me? The message is not “right” or “wrong”, it is just different than CrossFit’s.

What is your club telling people who walk in the door?