The Business of Fencing

I should put “Part I” in the title, because I think there is a lot to say about the business of fencing.

I meet a lot of great coaches that are terrible business people. Oddly enough, that tends to stick out more than the terrible coaches who are great business people. I wonder why that is?

What does a great business person in fencing look like?

1. They know what they are selling (hint: it may not be fencing, but something using fencing as a vehicle).
2. They know who they are selling it to (it may be the fencer, it may be the fencer’s parents).
3. They  communicate what they intend to deliver to the student, and when they intend to deliver it.
4. They communicate what they expect to get from the fencer (or the parents) in return.
5. They constantly revisit #3 and #4
6. They under promise and over deliver.
7. They understand that every club has two parts: a coaching side and a business side, and those two sides are integrated into the club.

Are there more? I’m sure there are. There is a lot more to be said about fencing and business.