One of the things I don’t hear coaches talking about is the amount of courage it takes fence. There is courage in attacking, in taking the initiative. In some sports, that initiative is established by the rules (such as in awarding a serve in tennis or the pitch in baseball). In fencing, the initiative must be taken… Read more

Two Choices…

You always have two choices: to be a spectator to something, or to be a participant. Participants fail. They don’t always meet expectations. The people outside of the venue talk about participants. “He can’t shoot” “She hasn’t scored a goal in two games” “That player needs to be traded” But they’re talking. You’re doing. I… Read more

The Warehouse

The first impression someone has when they walk into your club is important. I’m thinking of the local CrossFit gym, which is a bare bones warehouse space with a lot of heavy things to move, throw and drag. There are no televisions. There are few places to sit, or relax. The gym is a space,… Read more